Monday, January 24, 2011

Cut Back Week (aka going sailing)

As far as training for triathalons goes, last week was pretty poor, but I had a great week none the less. As was always planned I spent most of the week up in the Bay of Islands racing. We had 2 fantastic days weather wise, and 1 which got a bit nasty and caused some carnage. Our results weren't that flash, It's actually the first time in 4 years that I haven't come home with a trophy for this regatta. But it was great to get out of Auckland and do some sailing. Much better than working all week!

The big positive for my training, was that I tried a Brick workout for the first time, 18km cycling followed by 8km running. I was able to do it quite nicely, so that is definetly a positive sign. Another positive thing is that it's only the 24th today, and I've already overtaken last months total distances... That has be be good too.

So the goals for this week are 1, do all my workouts amd 2, try to undo some of the easy living I did up in the Bay.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Last week I achieved some of my goals, enough to be happy with my weeks work, but not enough to be perfect. On the positive side I swam 2 mornings and I increased my strength workout to include side planks, and dips. On the negative side, I didn't increase the frequency of my strength workouts, still only managed 4, and I missed 1 run, and 1 cycle.

This was mainly due to sailing, Friday afternoon I delivered a boat up to the bay of islands, this resulted in missing Fridays workouts, no sleep on Friday night which in turn turned the rest of the weekend into a write off. I did manage to get in a very slow 10km run, but didn't have the energy for the rest. In the end my totals were 18km run, 36km cycled and 1.6km swimming.

This coming week is also going to be compromised, I have 5 nights out of town for a regatta, There's no way I can bring my bike, and to be honest I can't see much if any workouts happening while I'm away anyhow.

So I'm going to treat this week as a bit of a cutback/rest week. But I still want to get some workouts done. We will see...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It begins again!

Training that is. The first full week of the year saw me complete the first week of my new training program. First up is a 4 month long base building stage, that will see me running and cycling  times a week, building up to 45km/week running, and 130+km/week cycling.

The first week was a nice easy start, 2x8km runs, a 10km long run, 2x18km cycles and a long cycle of 30km. I'm also trying to add some strength workouts to my routine, at this stage its nothing special at all, 2 sets each of 10 push ups and 15 sit ups, 4 times this week. Next week, that's going to increase to 5 times, and exercises are going to be slowly added until I am doing a decent amount. But I feel that like running, its best to slowly increase, than jump straight into huge workouts.

So that's me for now... It feel's good to be getting back into things.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Well 2010 has come and gone, and its onwards and upwards into 2011. December has been a quiet, 'rest month' like I had planned. It did end up being slightly lazier than I had planned, but after my big November a break was needed.

Kilometers run in December

Now we are getting right back into things. The goals for January are 2 fold, firstly, weight loss. And secondly, start to ramp up my training back to a more reasonable level. I'll be aiming for 3 runs, and 3 cycles a week. I'm also going to use January to develop a plan for the year. I have some pretty high goals for this year, I'm no longer going to be happy with just completing events, in 2011 I want to do respectable times in anything I do.

Lastly, my grand totals for the year:

173 workouts recorded, covering 130 hours and 1,705km. Burning 117,000 calories.