Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mangawhai Triathlon

Well I've finally done it. As of Sunday 20 February I am officially a triathlete. I competed in the Mangawhai Triathlon, and here is how it unfolded:

The race:

Swim: 500m 10-11ish minutes, tide assisted. I've never done an open water swim before, so this was the most worrying part for me. I struggled to keep in a straight line at times, and getting in and out from the beach (across the current) was tough, but I still made it out of the water in the top 1/3 of the field.

T1: very slow... never done this before, socks and shoes with laces on them are not fast; I lost quite a few places here.

Ride: 17km, 39:18. It seems this is my weakest leg; I'm getting a lot better than I was 6 months ago, but I'm still really, really slow up hills. Unfortunately the first 6-7ks were climbing. I could hold my own and even take some places back on the flat, but definitely lost a lot here.

T2: Fast, I don't yet have cycling shoes, so just rack the bike, lose the helmet and off down the road.

Run: 5km, 26:30. I went a bit harder than I planned on the bike, so the legs were feeling a bit rubbery for the first 1.5-2km. But once I get into my rhythm I was off. Running's definitely my strongest discipline and I was able to make up several places I lost on the bike.

I finished in 1:19:03, 62 out of 98 finishers (38/55 male finishers). I learnt a lot, had a great time and will definitely be back for more.

February, Week 3

This was a cut back week training, with something special, my first triathlon, up at Mangahwai on the weekend. Despite the fact it was a cut back week, I still maintained my recent consistency, fitting in 4 runs (25km, 2:20) 4 Bikes (70km, 2:46) and 4 swims (4.8km, 1:47) (these numbers are including Sundays triathlon) The big positive for this weeks training was doing my first triathlon. Great fun, learnt a lot, and confirmed that I am heading down the right path.

This week, I have a friends wedding on Friday. So I’m not sure how my training is going to go. But the goal, as always is consistency.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February, Week 2

Another good week training, the 3'rd consistent week in a row for me, so quite pleased. I did essentially the same program as last week, 3 runs (32km, 3:13) 3 bikes (99km, 4:05) and 3 swims (3.2km, 1:11). So as far as my goals for the week, I did all my swim/bike/run workouts, but I didn't start strength training again. Which is something that I still need to work at. The big positive for this week was in swimming, I've abandoned the program I was doing and am now just going long, all my swims were continuous this week, 2x1km and 1x1.2km in 1 go. So that side of things is making some rapid progress.

I've scheduled this week as a cut back week, partly due to the triathlon on Sunday, so will be taking things nice and easy. My goals for this week are to do all my Monday - Friday workouts, including one brick, and to enjoy my debut triathlon on the weekend.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February week 1

Great week training. By far my most consistent week this year, 3 runs (32km, 3:15) 3 bikes (99km, 4:06) and 3 swims (3000m, 1:19). On the negative side, I ended the week feeling quite drained and tired, but that's to be expected starting to ramp up the fitness like I am I guess. The other negative side is that I'm struggling to find the energy/time for strength workouts. And judging from how I struggled to get up hills on my long ride strength is something that I need to work on.

So my goals for next week are 1. Complete 3x swim/bike/run workouts and 2. Re-begin strength workouts of some description.

I've also added some new events on my 'to do' list, firstly the Carters Mangawhai Triathlon, a sprint triathlon (500m swim / 17km Ride / 5km Run) which I have entered and will make my triathlon debut at in 2 weeks. And the Avanti 100km Flyer, a 100km bike race from Rotorua to Taupo. I haven't entered it yet, but it sounds like the guys I did the round Taupo with are all keen to go, so looks likely.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Month 1

Well Janurary has come and gone, and with it my first month of training for multisport. On the whole it's gone well, but I still need to be more consistant with my training. I need to be training 6 days a week EVERY week... in Janurary I managed 6 days once (2 x 5 days, 1 x 2). My monthly total distances were:

Swim: 3.4km / Run: 98km / Bike: 198km

Janurary Workouts (In hours)

Also I have recieved my new book, Joel friel's Triathlon Bible, and am using this to develop a better training program than what I am using at the moment. I will post something about that when I have finished... it is an interesting process.

Finally last weeks training, 2 x swims (4x100m, 6x50m), 2 x cycles (1x30km, 1x18km) and 3 x runs (2x8km, 1x10km)