Monday, March 28, 2011

March, Week 4

Its been an excellent week of training for me this week, I'm very pleased with my progress.

First up the milestones, This week I went past 300km Running, 700km Biking and 30km Swimming for the year. I know they're just numbers, and don't really matter but it is nice, and does represent a lot of training time. To put it in perspective, last year I went past 1000km total (running and biking) on August 14, so I'm 5 months ahead of last year. Which is awesome.

As for this weeks training, well I did all 9 of my workouts for the first time in weeks, as am quite pleased with that. Swimming, nothing special, 3 swims (4000m in 1 hour 32 minutes). Running, I did the same 2 runs as the last 2 weeks, and added an easy 5km to finish the week. (30km in 2:49) Included another PB, by 1 minute, for my 15km long run.

Biking, I did a 30km and 20(ish)km during the week, and tried the same 42km hilly course I did last week on Saturday. This week that was a much more positive experience than last week. My goal was to do it without pushing up any hills, like I had to last time. For the build up I had an easy day the day before (a short, flat bike) ate pasta / rice a few times in the days building up, and had a large (4 slices of toast) breakfast before the ride. And I have to say, that it worked. Despite the fact I weighed in 0.5kg heavier than last week I was able to do the course without a walk break, and finished in 2:08, 4 minutes faster than last time. I did, however, have 3 'pit stops', where I stopped for about a minute at the start of a hill to let myself recover before climbing. All of these occurred in the 2nd half of the ride. So that is the next goal, to do the whole thing without a walk, or a stop....

This week I'm planning on an easier week, no 40+km bike ride in hills, or 15km runs for me. This is partly to give myself a break, but mainly because I have my 2nd triathlon scheduled for Saturday. So I want to be coming into the weekend feeling nice and fresh.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March, Week 3

Another week has come and gone. The year continues to slip away for too fast.

This week, was only a 5 day week as far as training goes, as I said in my last post, I was out of town for work Tuesday / Wednesday, so no training then. I ended up with 1 swim (only 1000m this week...) The same 2 Runs (25km in 2:22) as last week and 3 cycles (92km in 4:12)

The positive here has to be the riding, its the first time I've biked 3 time in a week for weeks. However, its a double edged sword. One of my rides was a 42km ride in the country, a particularly hilly part of the country I might add as shown in the elevation profile below.

In hindsight, I didn't plan things very well, doing my long run (15km) the day before my long, hilly ride. I also don't think I ate enough before the ride, only 2 pieces of PB and honey toast. Anyway, the end result was fairly brutal, I ended up walking the bike (first time this year) up some of the hills. And although I finished the ride, I did it with an average speed of 19km/hr. So riding is also the big negative of the week.

This was a big reality check for me, from now on I am going to make an effort to try to ride 'rolling country roads' regularly (most likely once a week) from now on. I also need to makes sure that I'm biking more regularly, at least 3 times a week... even if that means missing some runs. I knew biking was my weak point, but this just enforced how much work I still have to do. There are 7 weeks till the northern crossing, so there is time, but I need to get cracking on it. The first goal, do the ride without walking the bike.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March, Week 2

Not a huge amount to report this week. Again circumstances (Working all 7 days and the pool being closed for competition for the 2nd half of the week) conspired against me completing all 9 workouts, I ended up only managing 2 of each. However As I've said before I have been feeling a bit tired and run down, so the extra day off may not be a bad thing.

Once again the big positive was my running (2 runs, 25km in 2:20), My long run (15km on Thursday) was another PB, running 1:24:43, over 5 minutes faster than last weeks 1:30 PB. I really feel like I've made a huge step forward with my running in the last few weeks. The effort of that run did take a bit out of me however, and I ended up cutting Friday's ride short ending up with 50km in 2:01. And swimming 2 x 1500m in 1:07.

This week, I'm going to be out of town for 2 days on business, so again am going to miss a days workout. This week however, its planned in advance, so isn't a bad thing.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March, Week 1

Back into some more consistent training this week. Only one bike missing from my scheduled workouts, which I'm going to blame on terrible weather over the weekend.

My big positive for this week is definitely my running, (3 runs, 35km in 3:22). Without even trying this week, all my runs were personal bests. Monday, my first workout after the lazy end to February was 10km in 56:59, a PB by about a minute, Thursday, my long run was 15km (my longest run of the year) and I was 6 minutes faster over the course than when I was in my build up for Kerikeri. and Sunday, an 'easy' 10km after a day off turned into 55:00, breaking Mondays PB by 2 minutes!

Swimming I did 3x 1500m mornings in average times, and biking 2 x 30km, in good times, in fact, Tuesdays was also a PB.

So it seems that I am definitely making progress... and the unplanned lazy week didn't cause any damage.

There is one other piece of news, I've entered the taupo half ironman at the end of the year... Committed now, so something to drive me forwards...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Month 2

The year is slipping away far to fast, I can't believe that March is now here, and summer is over.

My final week of the month was a bit of a disappointment training wise. My excuse is commitments to go to a friends stag party and wedding, but the result was a very light week for training. This may not be a bad thing as I think a bit of rest might do me well... I have been feeling quite tired recently. In the end I managed only 1 12km run, 1 30km cycle and 3 swims totalling 3.5km. 

As far as the month goes, I was better then last month, but still not quite there. I had 3 weeks where I did all my workouts, and only the last one where I was slack. I did 12 runs for 112km in 10:56 hrs, 10 Rides for 268km in 10:58 hrs and 13 swims for 14.5km in 5:40 hrs. As shown below.

February Workouts (in Hours)
My training program is a fluid thing at the moment, I'm adjusting it on an almost weekly basis to fit in with events I want to do, and as I don't really know where my limits are the plan needs to change as I'm learning about my body.

Next month I want to step things up again... longer workouts, and skip the complete write off week. I need to eliminate the big gaps in that graph.