Sunday, May 29, 2011

May, week 4

What to say this week. Nothing amazing and unexpected to report, pretty much just been carrying on how I have been for the last few weeks.

I did take things a little easier than previous weeks, Monday was 14 days without a break, which I think is really too much for me as I was starting to feel run down / worn out by the end. So I only got on the bike once to drop the hours a bit, but kept up with the running schedule.

Running wise things are looking good. I feel that I'm starting to get back to where I was at earlier in the year. And I do have the numbers to back it up too. I ran a 24:40 5km this week, which is about a minute faster than I've managed before. I also had my first long run for a while, 15km, which I knocked out, quite easily, in 1:25:24. So I'll give it another week or so before I make the call, but Wellington is looking more likely. Over all I ran 38km in 3 hours 33, biggest week of the year for the 2nd week running.

I'll be away for work again for one, possibly 2 nights next week. So I'll be having another enforced break, not that that's a bad thing...

Monday, May 23, 2011

May, week 3

A good week this week, where I got through pretty much everything I set out to do.

The negative for the week was swimming, I only made it to the pool once, when I had been aiming for twice. I had 3 bikes, twice on the trainer, and once outside in the real world for about 2 and a half hours, about what I'm wanting at this stage.

But like I've said previously, the big focus at the moment is running, 4 runs this week, for 36km in 3 and a half hours. Which is actually my highest weekly distance of the year.

So I'm pretty happy. This week I'm going to be out of town Tuesday and Sunday nights for work so will be having some enforced breaks. The target for the week has to be running again, aiming for more than last week.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May, week 2

My supposed recovery week, after the northern crossing has now gone. And it's been a pretty good one for me. 8 workouts, over 6 days, pretty much what I had planned. 

I'm going into a run focus for the next few weeks, I feel that my run fitness peaked back in march, and I've tapered off slightly since then. The problem with trying to get back to where I was is that with the current time of year, it's getting dark to early to be consistently running long distances after work. To get around tis I'll be upping things to 4 runs a week, 3 during the week, after work and 1 long run in the weekend.

Biking is going to mainly consist of trainer workouts, but once a fortnight I want to be out doing a long hilly course. 

I've also made it to the pool for the first time since the Kumara Tri back in the first week of April. Only once this week, but will be aiming for twice a week for the next few weeks. Just to get the feel for it again. 

My weekly totals, Run: 32km, 3:18, Bike: 76km, 2:30, Swim:1000m, 26 min.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Northern Crossing Done!

For the 2nd year in a row I competed in the northern crossing duathalon. Last year was a huge disappointment, I wasn't nearly ready enough and suffered the whole way across. So this time it was all about getting some redemption.

The plan: Really simple, keep things nice and slow at the start, this is going to be a long day. And race my own race, I’m competing against my time from last year, not the other athletes.
Run 1: 8km, through a farm around the coast, onto the road, over a nasty hill then along to beach to transition. My friend Kris (doing the solo dualthlon for the first time) and I had the same plan of an easy pace to start the race, including walking up the hill, to save our legs for the bike. After 5 minutes we were only in front of 1 or 2 people. We stuck to our plan tho and after the hill ran down several who had gone out to hard and faded before the finish and best of all felt nice and fresh for the bike. Finished in 1:01:29, which was slower than the 55 minutes I had wanted, but not hugely so.

Kris and I at the top of the hill
Athletes running down the beach
T1: Slow. Not much positive to say about this. I was very casual, and probably lost a few minutes here.
Bike: 81km through country roads, 3 decent hills to start with before a long (30km) uphill slog across the country. (described as rolling country roads... yeah right!)
This was the big leg for me, I have been focusing on my riding over the last few months, especially climbing hills (for obvious reasons) I’m my no means fast, but am getting to the stage where I can at least be comfortable. The bike didn’t go perfectly, my chain locking up at the start of the 2nd hill, almost resulting in a fall. And I had trouble losing the chain off the crankset 4 or 5 times latter in the course. These cost me some time. On the positive, I was more organised this year than last and had Mel meet me 30 and 60km into the ride to top up my hydration and give me some real food (Bananas!!) On the whole I’m really happy with how the bike went. I passed 2 riders, and was passed by 2 others. Despite the assistance I still didn’t get enough fuel into me, I was fine on the bike but hurting soon after starting the final run. According to my bike computer, I finished in 3:58:xx, which I am thrilled about, one of my goals for the event was a 4 hour bike split.

Start of the Bike
T2: Better than T1. I had more urgency about what I was doing and was out on the run quite fast
Run 2: 8km through grassland, and on trails, following a river bank to the kerikeri stone basin. To call this leg a run is being a bit generous. It felt more like a shuffle to be honest. This is where I think my lack of fuel intake hurt me, after about 5-6 minutes of running I started to feel incredibly hungry. Throughout the whole run I felt like I had no energy left to give. BUT, I did manage (how, im not sure) to overtake 3 duathlon competitors on the last run. So I wasn’t the only one feeling the pain. I finished the run in 54:59.
Approaching the finish
Over all I finished in 6:02:26, which was 1 hour 15 minutes better than last years’ time. I’m hugely satisfied with my efforts and it feels so good to see my training paying off. 

Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, 4 months down now, the year continues to slip away.

Last week was reasonable. I've brought an indoor trainer for my bike, so I'm not going to have bad weather as an excuse for not doing workouts any more. So this week I was able to but in some pretty good numbers on the bike, (4 rides, 2 x 1 hour on the trainer, a 25 min brick on the trainer and 2 hours doing my long hilly ride on the weekend) Running I only made it out twice, but those added up to 18km, which is reasonable.

Over all for the month I managed:

Run: 87km, 8 hours 25 minutes
Bike: 316km, 13 hours 31 minutes

Aprils Workouts

It's a big week this week, with the northern crossing on Saturday. Like I said last post, my training has slipped a bit in April, so I'm not as prepared as I wanted to be. But I feel I should be ok for a reasonable time. Here is a publicly stated goal, I want to be done in under 6 hours.

Wish me luck.