Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waitakere Half Marathon, 2012

My impromptu HM on the weekend went surprisingly well (by my standards). The lead in would have to be close to the worst possible I could have devised. Nothing resembling tapering or peaking for this one. The only allowance I made was moving my long bike ride from Saturday morning, to Friday evening. And then Saturday, the night before, was a BBQ for my girlfriends birthday, so late night and a few beers/rums consumed... (carbo loading right?)

Anyway, on race day I started too far back in the field, so lost a bit of time weaving through the traffic. After a few kms was able to get into my rythem. I continued with the walk break, calf protection, strategy I've been using and it went ok. I took a short walk break, about a minute, ever 3km. Until I started to fade in the last 5k where I switched to ever 1.5km. 

Anyway, I ran at a 'higher than LSR' pace, but not an 'all out race' pace, and ended up finishing in 2:03:09. which gives me a new PB of just over 7 minutes. (i think that shows how soft my previous best was, as opposed to how well I went this time tho)

I finished, 127/226 over all, 98/145 males and 17/29 in the M18-29 age group. GPS can be found here

All and all, I'm quite pleased with things, I'm definitely running as well as I ever have, and this was a good milestone on the way to the HIM in January. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

September Training Log

A good solid month of training. Despite missing the first week and a bit of the months runs (due to the calf twinge from the end of August) this was my 2nd highest volume month ever. About 36 hours for the month. Up slightly from 35 in August.

After the short running break I've changed my strategy  and returned to the run/walk idea I was using earlier in the year. And it seems to work ok. I've been doing runs, at average paces that I'm very happy with. It's not ideal, and I would rather run non stop, but I think run/walk might be the best way to get the the start line of Ironman Auckland injury free.

Biking has gone ok, after a relatively light august I'm back up to the sort of volume that I should be doing. And swimming is the same story as normal... I need to do more of it. I'm not loosing any swim fitness, but I'm not improving either. Which I need to do before January 20th.

For next month I'm looking for a bit of an increase. Aiming to be back above 40 hours for October as I continue to build towards the HIM.