Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 Months of consistency

Here we have my training log (total hours per month) from January to October for 2011 and 2012 side by side. It's very easy to see why I have improved over the last 10 months.

point 1. The volume is higher. Only one month this year has less than the highest volume I managed in 201. And of course, that was a work enforced rest period in the middle of the year. which was not a bad thing to have, allowing me to refresh a bit before getting in to the serious HIM training in the 2nd half of the year.

point 2. Consistency. 2011 was up and down constantly in the training I did. This year, it's been consistent work, week in week out, that has resulted in a nice and steady training load.

point 3. No injury. It was August/September last year that I developed my calf injury, which is why the training fell away so drastically. Whilst this year has not been perfect, I have listened to my body, and taken a few days completely off, or up to a few weeks off running as required. This has allowed me to better manage my injures and keep a consistent training workload throughout the year.

And what has happened?

Well I am preforming better than ever before in all 3 disciplines.

Swimming, this has been my weakest in terms of training effort. I have not been consistently swimming enough per week. I should be doing at least 3 swims a week, which I have not. As a result I have not improved as much as I should have. What has gone well however is I have consistently swum every week. in 2011 I would go weeks, even months without hitting the pool. That has not happened this year.

Biking, I'm going more often, and further every time. My endurance has improved. I can now do 3 + hour rides without much bother. My speed has also improved. I am a long way from fast, but I can now average much higher speeds than before. My weakness is still hills. That is something I need to address, and in the future will be adding regular hill sessions to the weekly schedule.

Running, I have changed the way I train here drastically since 2011. Going from 3 runs per week, (2x10km, 1x15km) to using the 1-2-3 program. I have also experimented (and continue to do so) with using a run/walk technique to a) help protect my calf and b) help control my heart rate. And the increased frequency seems to be working. My training runs, in aerobic heart rate zones, are now faster than ever. And despite having a much less than ideal build up, and using a run/walk plan, this year I took 7 minutes off my PB half marathon time. As I continue to slowly build up my running volume, I am expecting more and more improvements.

Overall I am in the best shape of my life. My weight is under control, consistently dropping, and the lowest it has been since high school. And my fitness is the highest it has been, and continues to increase. I'm beginning to feel more and more confident about January's HIM. And if I continue to improve at the rate I have been this year I am getting excited about what 2013 will bring...

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Toy!

Need I say more?

Well she's a 4 year old Avanti Kona TT bike. She's an aluminum frame, with carbon forks, and is sporting shimano 105 gear all around.

I'm excited.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Training Log

Another solid month of training. Up to 40 hours for the month, so over all things are on track.

Running wise, the run/walk program seems to be working well so far. By far my biggest running month ever, (and fastest average pace) and injury free.

Cycling, Well average, I need to focus on ramping this up over the next 2 months.

Swimming, poor. Not enough. Only 6 swims in the month is not good enough this close to the HIM. I really need to focus on increasing my frequency over the next few weeks.

For the next month my goals are:

Running, essentially repeat October. Things are going as well here as they have for a long time.

Biking, More rides, and more effort during rides. Still cruise too much. Also planning to change one of my mid week rides, to a longer, hilly ride now university has finished.

Swimming. Hit the pool more. Swim for longer each time (2,500m + sessions) And start open water swimming once a week. Going form 1000m swims, to 2000m over the next 2 months.