Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Intermittent fasting?


That’s the number that stared back at me from my scale on my Monday morning weigh in. It’s disgusting that I have put myself back here, it’s not good enough, and I deserve better from myself. But what it shows clearly is that what I’m doing at the moment is not working. Something has to change. It’s time for something drastic.

As luck would have it that evening I watched a documentary ‘eat,fast and live longer’ which investigated intermittent fasting. The documentary showed some dramatic weight loss and health benefits from this style of diet.

Well that put the idea in my head, so after a few hours trawling the internet for information I have determined to give it a go. I’m going to try doing the ‘eat, stop, eat’ system, where I have 1-2 24 hour ‘fasting’ periods a week. For example last meal dinner Monday night, fast, next meal dinner Tuesday night.

So being slightly impulsive, I've dived straight in and am currently half way through my first fast. I had dinner at about 8pm Monday night, and will be attempting to go till about the same time tonight before eating again. Depending on how it goes, I will try again Thursday or Friday. I’m planning to give this 3-4 weeks to see how my weight/training etc. is affected. But we will see how I feel after today’s experiment.

A few rules for this experiment:                                 
  1. Fast days must be light workout days. Today I’m planning on only doing a 30 min run
  2. This is not compensating for a terrible diet. I must make better food choices and eat healthily on normal days.
  3. Try to give it some time to see if it works. I can’t expect magical results after 1 day or even 1 week of this. It will still be months till I return to an acceptable weight.

So far it’s not too bad. I’m a little bit hungry, but not ridiculously so. I didn’t really miss my morning toast at all. I expect lunch time and the drive home to be hardest. But to be honest this is more because of the physiological side of things. I love my rituals, going to get a sandwich for lunch… or stopping at the bakery for a drink and something tasty for the drive home. I do have a backup plan, it’s not ideal, but if the worst comes and I cave, I’ll have a banana. But I’m going to be trying to avoid that.

** All this writing about food has been putting ideas in my head, and I’m not noticeably hungrier than when I started that paragraph. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

September Traning

What to say?

Well I think I had marginally more consistency than previous months. The only gap in my training was due to being out of town on work. But unfortunately, I was out of town for work, and again for a week at the end of the month/start of October, which has put the breaks on my increased consistency.

To be honest, the Taupo HIM in December is looking increasingly unlikely. I'm thinking that I might have to change to Tauranga, or possibly the Ironman AKL again, both in January. Either way, I think It'll be a last minute decision.

My weight is also not doing what it should be. I've been staying at about the same for 3 months now. That's not good enough, the crap food needs to go.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Back on track?


Since my last post, I've trained 22 out of a possible 25 days. So that is a massive turn around from what I was doing in June/July. I'm still not totally back on track, I am really struggling to get back into before work workouts, and I have yet to go for a swim, maybe this week, definitely next, and my weight is still massively out of control. But overall I'm showing much more consistency than I've had in a long time.

And as I well know. Consistency is the key.

I have run 4-5 times a week, for about 20km/week for the last 3 weeks. I've also re started training by heart rate. Aiming for zone 2 workouts. This is proving hard to achieve, and i am going slow, and still struggling to keep out of zone 3 by the end of a run. Over the next few weeks the plan is to continue to keep the heart rates down, and increase the running, up to 3-4 hours.week.

I've also had a change of plans for my bike training. I've begun a program, based around indoor trainer workouts which is intended to increase my critical power on the bike. I'm riding 3 times a week on the trainer for about an hour, and once a week outside on the weekend to get some endurance. I'm not sure how good an idea this plan is, or how ideal it is for my training. But I do know that it is very focused, and I feel that I'm working harder than I have before on the bike. So that has to be a good thing.

And finally weight, I'm not sure how bad it is,  will weigh myself tomorrow, but this is the biggest thing holding me back at the moment. I think, I hope, I have had the epiphany I need to get myself back on track. My last weigh in was 115kg... which is disgusting, I was under 95 in December last year. I don't think it's going to be possible to be under 100 for taupo. But the goal has to be to lose as much as possible, this is holding me back, and will continue to do so until I take ownership of the problem again.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to work

In January this year, I completed my first HIM. This has been a goal that I had been working towards for over 2 years. It was supposed to be the start of bigger and better things.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out as planned.

After the HIM, I continued to workout, but dropped the intensity and volume off a little bit… I had earned a break I thought…. 4 months after the HIM, I completed my 4th northern crossing. It was a new best time for me, but overall I was disappointed in how little I had improved from the previous year. So the plan was take a few easy weeks (the race coincided with a few trips away for work) and then get back into it.

Well that didn’t happen. In the 2-3 months since the northern crossing I’ve done very little… Always found an excuse not to… away for work, to cold, to rainy, I’m too tired… And my diet went from bad, to worse. The end result, a huge loss in fitness, and a huge gain in weight (10kg up from my northern crossing weight)

Well I’ve had enough! I’m not going back to the big, lazy guy I was. I need to get back into training, eating well and achieve new things.

So I am developing a plan to do a full ironman in early 2015 (either IMNZ in March, or challenge Wanaka in January) Between now and then there will be more 70.3’s, I am eyeing up 2 for this coming summer, (Taupo in December and Auckland in March) and other events which I have yet to decide on, to use as intermediate goals for the Ironman.

The overall goal of this is to get fit and healthy, and stay there.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May training log

Well not great really is it?

After the northern crossing I've been on a bit of a break from serious training. And I'm beginning to show signs of it. Over the next week or 2 I'll be getting back into a normal sort of schedule... which I'll talk about more soon... once I've figured it out.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Northern Crossing 2013

Build up:
I have been somewhat slack since the HIM in January. I have only been able to do 8 hour training weeks, rather than the 10+ which I should be for an event this long, so I went in a bit under prepared. On the plus side however I have now had over a year of consistent training. So that should count for a lot.

Pre-race routine:
We drove up the day before the race and spent the night in Opononi. The morning of the race didn't go great. Got up nice and early, and set up transition, but my stomach was feeling a bit upset, not something I usually experience  so all I was able to have for breakfast was a powerade and a bumper bar. I had no warm up to speak of, intending to use the first few km of the run to ease my way into the day...

Run 1 29/31 7.6km, 43:56 GPS here


There was a new run course this year, the run began at the top of flagstaff hill, as previously, but instead of going through a farm, up the vicious climb and along the beach, we stayed on the road the whole way, straight down the hill avoiding most of the climb to a transition 3km further up the road. 

This course was shorter, and easier than previous years. For the same fitness the new course was probably 15-20 minutes faster, at my speed. 

Run start

My plan for the run was to run at my easy training pace, about 5:45-6:00 min/km. And get to the bike feeling fresh and ready to go. Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away at the start of the race, blasting through the first 2km at 5:15/km average. I calmed myself down by the bottom of the hill and slowed things up a bit, running the rest of the run at a conservative pace, about 5:55/km. I finished the run feeling good, and ready to tackle the bike. Compared to most of the athletes, I was slow. But I was quite happy with how it went.

What would you do differently?:
I've been on a bot of a run focus in the month between Kai Iwi lakes and the northern crossing. and in that time my run has improved. It's still not where I want, but with my fitness on the day I felt it went well.

The only change I would make was to smooth out the average speeds, slower at the start, but faster through the middle stages. 

End of Run 1


Not the best, changed shoes and helmet on nice and quick, but the weather had cleared up substantially since I set up, so I changed the lenses in my sunglasses to the dark ones. That cost a bit of time.

What would you do differently?:
Have he right glasses ready and waiting.

Bike: 27/31, 80km, 3:31:04, GPS here.


The bike course had also changed since the previous years, as before there are 3 climbs of about 100m each in the first 20km, and as before the next 20-30km is spent in a long, steady climb across the country. Here, at the half way point the course changes to a fast descending section, followed by a final 100m climb to finish the course, in the last 10km of the ride. This new climb made sure that I finished the bike with nice ad tired legs. 


I started the bike feeling fantastic, spinning along in a relatively easy gear sitting just over 30km/hr until the start of the first climb. 

Unfortunately it went downhill from there. I'm not sure what caused it, I think it was a bad night on the hotel bed, but I developed a pain in my lower back, and neck, both on my right side. These made it quite painful to maintain an aero position, which in turn made the ride harder, and slower. 

At times I wanted to quit... This ride felt pretty aweful. But I soldiered on and completed the ride 15 minutes faster than before. (Yes it was a new course, but the climbing had increased from before, making the ride harder) During the ride I had several GUs, 2 bumper bars, 2 bananas, a bottle of powerade and in the last 15km a bottle of flat coke. 

What would you do differently?:
I didn't stay in aero nearly enough. Like I said above, I think that it was mainly due to the quality of bed at the hotel, but I will be spending a lot of time on the trainer, and on the roads over winter in aero to ensure that it isn't a fit problem. 

Also I need to learn to enter the pain cave... at times I know my body had more to give, but I stayed in an easier gear/lower cadence  Pushing a little harder could have been a big difference. 


Quick and easy, had a banana and off on my way. this year, unlike last I remembered to take my GU for the run with me. 

What would you do differently?:
Other than arriving at T2 earlier in the day, I was pretty happy with it. 

Run 2:  25/31, 7km, 54:10, GPS here


The 2nd run began with a run through a farm, for a few kms before entering the bush and running along the Kerikeri river. The course featured fences to be climbed and streams to be jumped, before reaching the trail along the river, at which point it became a trail run. Finally, just to mess with us, the finish had been moved to the other side of the reserve, making the run a few hundred meters longer than previously. 

I started off running a comfortable (well as comfortable as can be after an 80km ride) pace of around 6:20/km for the first 2kms. But once I had to stop to get over the first fence I found it increasingly difficult to continue running.

I fell into a similar run/walk technique that I used previously, jogging the flats and down hills, and walking up the small climbs. I would have liked to run the whole thing (even if it was at 7min/km) But was not able... clearly I need to work harder on my running. 

But, this was actually my best leg of the race (in terms of position) and I overtook a few people in the last 2km of the run (seeing someone else walking up ahead would give me a boost and keep me running) so I can't be too upset with how it went. 
What would you do differently?:
I need to develop the mental abilities to keep going when the body says quit. I need to not allow myself to walk when I should run... 

This is a common theme across my races this year. So really something I need to fix before my next big event.

Over all     25/31   5:09:12, 40 minutes faster than last year. 

Post Race:

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Well overall I'm just not as fit as I want to be. I can improve in every single aspect of endurance sports. So I guess the answer here is everything. But some specifics 

1. Weight
2. Run more 4-5 hours / week
3. More hard intervals on the bike
4. Higher intensity for long rides on the bike

Event comments:
Another good experience in this event. But still some unfinished business .. I lost my bet with Kris, whos previous time was 5:27, and said he expected 5-5:30 this time... but ended up with 4:35. It should have been close... And I still have a lot of work to do before I can beat him. 

But a great event. And I'm sure I'll be back next year.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

April, Training log

Aprils training log.

Over all not too bad, it's not amazing  I would have preferred to see more days above the 60 minute mark. But nice and consistent over all.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kai Iwi Lakes, 2013

Pre-race routine:

2 pieces of avocado on toast and a coffee for breakfast. On the road by 7. Arrived at the race site about 8am, in the pouring rain. Luckily the weather cleared reasonably soon after arrival. Watched the kids race, and the short course start before finally starting at 10am.

Swim 750m, 13:24

Northland's been having a drought. So unsurprisingly the lake was lower than in previous years. Started with an ankle deep splash out to the deep water, about 300m straight out to buoy 1, 150m accross, and then 300m back to the beach. This lake is beautiful clean, clear water. Honestly, it's like swimming in a pool it's so clear. You can see the bottom almost the whole way around. 

Good swim. Started to the side, but closer to the front than usual. For the first half of the first leg I was beside my friend Decke, but he then started to fall behind. Was in a small group of 3-4 swimmers for most of the course, so drafting was probably good. With the water so clear, navigation was easy. Only negative was a girl on the inside of me got lost on the final leg back in to the beach, and pushed me off course. I had to slow to go behind her to get back on track. 

What would you do differently?:
Nothing. I was very happy with today's swim. 


The low lake made for a 100m or so run to transition, so added a bit to the time. Wetsuit was half off before arriving at the bike. But I felt I was a bit lethargic here, didn't have my usual urgency getting the bike gear on. 

What would you do differently?:
More urgency.

Bike: 21km, 51:10, GPS Here


Hilly course (300m climbing), out and back. 

I'm very happy with how my bike went today. It took 5 min or so to get into my work, but once settled I was able to maintain a nice hard effort on the flats, and spun my way up the hills. I had a good battle with Decke on the ride, he caught me 6km into the ride and we spent the rest of the ride changing places. He was faster in the hills, I was faster on the flats. The only negative is I was quite conservative going down the hills. I think this was partially because I am still down on confidence after the crash at Maraetai, and partially as I continue to get used to the handling of the new bike. Also, up the steepest climb I ran out of gears. This could be a problem in the northern crossing, so I will be getting a new cassette before then. In the last 2km of the ride I lost a little time to Decke, as I backed off to give my legs a pre run rest. 

What would you do differently?:
Over all I wouldn't change much. Other than being more aggressive down the hills, and having an extra gear for climbs. 


Better than T1. Gained a bit of time here. 

What would you do differently?:
Pretty happy with it.

Run: 8.8km, 55:38, GPS Here


Senic run around the lake. Very steep hill to start the run, then an off road trail run around the lake for about 5km. Finishes with a run along the road back to transition

As soon as I started the run, I knew that today wasn't going to be my day. I had nothing in my legs, and any little bit of running form was gone by the top of the first climb (which I, and most, walked anyway). I tried to make the best of it, and kept up a jog for the duration (other than walking the 2nd steep climb) but overall was disappointed with how things went. I overtook nobody on the run, and lost at least 6-7 places. 

What would you do differently?:
I'm not really sure what went wrong. I'm assuming that it's just a bit of fatigue I was feeling, I had no taper or anything for this race as it is not a goal race. I think a good taper would have improved my performance  Also I'm not running enough. I've been doing 25-30km/week recently  I should be up doing 35+ before I run well... I know this from previous experience. 

Over all
2hour, 4 minutes and 43 seconds.

10+ minute PR for this course, and 12+ minutes faster than 2012. Disappointed with the run, and not breaking 2 hours. But overall, I'm very happy with my day. 

Post Race:

What limited your ability to perform faster:

3 main things come to mind, 

1. I'm to heavy. On a hilly course like this that really expresses itself. 
2. No taper, it wasn't a goal race, but I did nothing to try and peak in the slightest. If I had focused more on this race in the last 2 weeks I would have had a better day. 
3. Run more. 35-40km/week an I will run better. I need to spend the next few weeks building up my run volume again. 

Event comments:
This is the hardest triathlon course I have done, but nice relaxed atmosphere which I do enjoy. I'll be back again and get that 2 hour mark next year. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Training Log

Well I think I'm back into the swing of things now. March was a good solid month, and I seem to be sitting comfortably on 8 hour weeks.

Not enough swimming, which is a common theme on these posts, but the most biking and running I've done this year.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Peoples Tri Series, Maraetai

Pre-race routine:

Arrived at the race site nice and early to get a good car park/spot in transition. Got set up, and helped my friend competing in the duathlon do the same. Watched the duathlon start, then hung around until race time

Swim 500m, 8:21, 8/13 AG

Out about 150m straight off the beach, 90 degree turn into 200m across the the beach ans then 150m straight back into transition.

Started at the back of the pack to give the faster swimmers right of way. Was straight into the rhythm of things and felt quick the whole way. Swam a little off course on the first leg, as I tried to swim around slower swimmers in front of me. But for the remainder drafting was good.  

What would you do differently?:
Should have started closer to the front row. But very happy with my time. 


Good transition. Wetsuit half off before I arrived at the bike, everything went smoothly..

What would you do differently?:
Pretty happy with how things went..

Bike: 20km, 47:58, 13/13 AG

Along the coast for 4km, then head inland for 6km over rolling hills to the turn around point. 


This is where it went bad. Rode well for the first half of the course, but at the turn around discovered that the front tire was flat. This caused me to lose control of the bike and fall. I spent the next 8-9 minutes changing a tire (which took forever!) and recomposing myself, checking there was no serious damage to myself or the bike. Re-started the ride and was able to overtake many riders who passed me when I was stationary. But was understandably nervous about pushing too hard.  

What would you do differently?:
Not crash!


Was thinking about calling the race done at this point, so felt like I was moving quite slowly. But convinced myself to continue. 

What would you do differently?:
More urgency. 

Run: 5km, 24:54, 14/15 AG

2 laps of a 2.5km long out and back. Mostly on the flat but over 1 short hill about half way. Was a water station about 200m before the turn around

Run felt fantastic. No walk breaks, but never really pushed myself too hard. Kind of jogged it at a medium/hard effort. Was pleasantly surprised with my time, almost 3 minutes faster than last year.

What would you do differently?:
nothing, the run was my highlight today. 

Over all

1hour, 24 minutes and 50 seconds.

12/13 AG, 113/131 Male

Post Race:

Warm down:

What limited your ability to perform faster:
Crashing the bike. 

My swim was as good as I could hope for with my current level of fitness, and my run was better than I expected, a lot better. 

I was stationary for about 9 minutes on the ride, and would have lost even more due to the flat. So realistically my mechanical issues cost me 10 minutes today.

Event comments:
I'm pleased with myself taht I was able to finish after my fall. But disappointed with how the day went. I had high hopes of a good result, and if things had gone well I think I would have had one. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

February Training Log

A pretty relaxed month after the HIM. Had some good sessions but over all low volume. I'm looking back to getting stuck into some hard work in March.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I just couldn't help myself

2013 Kestrel Talon.

This one should fit better.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So what's next?

So the question I've been asking myself since Ironman Auckland is simple "what next?" 

Going in to the start of the year I had been planning to do a 2nd HIM (Auckland Half Ironman) in March. And possibly look at doing a full Ironman at IMNZ 2014. But, after considering how I performed at Ironman Auckland I've decided to push those plans back a bit. I need to get faster, and fitter before taking on the longer distances. 

So, for the rest of summer my plan is to continue along with the training I had been doing prior to the Christmas break (8-10 hours/ week), and as the plan always has been continue to increase that up to 12-15 hours/week. I still need to work on my early morning workout consistency, as my swim has suffered due to too many missed workouts. And I need to continue to work on making sure my intensity is right, especially on the bike, I've done too much cruising in the past. 

I also really, really need to get my weight under control. I got down as far as 96kg last year. But good food and less exercise ended up with me racing at 102kg. That's way above where I should have been. So, after a few months break, it's back onto MyFitnessPal, and hopefully back below 100kg before to long. 

From a racing point of view, I'm going to do the same 3 sprint Tri's I did last summer, (Mangawhai, Mareatai and Kai Iwi lakes), with the intention of setting new best times in all 3. I will also be doing the final peoples tri series at mission bay, Olympic distance again. My goal for this race is to go under 2:30:00. (Which would be a 9 minute improvement) This might be an unreachable target in the 3 months available, but I'm intending to give it my best go. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Big Day

Ironman Auckland 70.3. 6:39:18

Pre-race routine:

Out of bed at 4:30am for a breakfast of PB and honey toast, followed with a banana. On the road at 5am. Arrived at the viaduct about 5:30, sorted out shoes, nutrition for the ride etc. in transition, had a quick technical stop and then waited around for my wave to be called. 

Event warm up

We were not allowed in the water before our wave was called. So warm up limited to 5 minutes swim and treading water before the start. 

Swim 1900m, 40:44



Lined up the the side and back of the wave to avoid being swum over by the faster swimmers. Once the horn went I was immediately left behind by the bulk of the field. This was a new experience, as usually I tend to be in the mid pack out of the swim. 

Just before my wave start

By the first buoy, 300m from the start, I was close to swimming on my own. By the 2nd buoy, I was caught by the leaders of the next wave, so lost track of how I was going compared to the rest of my age group. I did however catch a glimpse of a green swim cap so knew I wasn't totally out the back door. And by the 3rd buoy I was catching the tail end of the wave that started 7 minutes before me, which was a nice boost. 


My navigation was pretty good, I felt that I stayed pretty much on course throughout the swim. And I felt that I kept my form reasonably well. At times in the 2nd half of the swim I felt my hips start to sink and begin to feel like I was thrashing around in the water, but slowing my stroke, and focusing on what I was doing, especially keeping a nice, long stroke, kept my form ok. (I think) 

What would you do differently?:

Nothing. I expected to finish in around 35-40 minutes. So I'm happy with 40:44 (Including a few hundred meters run from swim exit to transition) I need to swim more to improve, but on my current fitness level I felt I got as good as I could expect. 

Transition 1  2:14

In the green swim cap, end of the swim


I felt I was taking my time. It's a long day and honestly, an extra minute catching my breath wasn't going to bother me. I was pleasantly surprised with my transition times. 

Wetsuit off, quick dry of my face, bike shoes on, sun glasses on, helmet on, then grab the bike and jog it out of transition.

What would you do differently?:

Had a bit of trouble getting the legs of my wetsuit off. Other than that all went ok. 

I'm sure I could save seconds here, maybe up to a minute. But considering the day I had, I was quite happy with how it went. 

Bike 90km, 3:17:13


1 40km northern lap, over the harbor bridge and through the hills of Albany. Then 2 25km laps on the flat from the viaduct to St Heliers and back.


End of the northern lap

I actually found the northern loop easier than I expected, I pushed when the going was easy (Dwonwind/Down hill etc.) And wasn't afraid to drop down to an easy gear and spin my way up the climbs, in an effort to save my legs for latter in the day. The wet conditions ate away at my confidence a little tho, and I spent alto more time off the aero bars, with my hands near the breaks than I would like. Especially on the descents. So I will have lost some time there. Eventually, after about 90 minutes I finished the northern loop with an average speed of 27km/hr.

The 'southern loop' was essentially an out and back along tamaki drive. The roads are nice and flat and smooth along here, so I had high hopes of picking up the pace. The SW winds we were dealing with however, had continued to build. This means that heading out would be nice and easy with the wind, but heading back would be cycling directly into it. 

Cycling past my friends and family

The first loop went well, 32-35km/hr on the way out, dropping coming back into the wind, but still doing high 20's. At the end of lap 1, I got a bottle of electrolytes. For the 2nd lap my speed dropped slightly on the way out, averaging around 30km/hr. But it was the final 10-15km back to transition into the wind where I began to suffer. A combination of increasing fatigue, and spending less time in the aero position (I was cramping up in my neck/shoulders) meant that my speed dropped substantially, down to 23-24km/hr. Eventually back to transition after 3 hours and 17 minutes of riding. Which was right within my expected finish time.  

What would you do differently?:

I'm not sure. But considering how the run went I must have done something wrong. I felt that I was riding within myself the whole time, I was good with my nutrition/hydration, 6 gels, 1 bottle of water and 1 of electrolytes. 

But with the blow up on the run, I must have pushed to hard. So if I had it over again, I would drop the effort level slightly, take an extra 5 minutes and hopefully make it back (and more) on the run. 

Transition 2  1:45


Jogged the bike most of the way from the dismount line to transition entry, until some slow moving traffic slowed me to a walk. 

Had to move a bike slightly to get mine racked, but other than that all went well. Bike racked, helmet off, bike shoes off, socks on, running shoes on, grab race belt and visor and put them on as jogging out of transiton

What would you do differently?:

finish earlier, when there are less bikes around would make it easier. But realistically, it went pretty well. Wouldn't change it. 

Run 21.1km, 2:37:22


2 loops out and back along tamaki drive. Nice flat course. 

This is where it started getting tough. 

My plan going in to the race was to run the first lap, other than walking the aid stations, and then go into a run/walk like I've done in training in the 2nd lap. 

It started out well, possibly too well. Whilst I was never moving fast the first 3km to the aid station was done at an average pace of 5:40/km, too fast with hindsight. By the 5km mark I was doing 6:10/km. Close to what I was expecting. My speed continued to drop on the return leg of the first lap until I was doing around 6:40/km at the turn around. 

At the turn around, I made the switch to a run/walk strategy. Initially 4:30 run 0:30 walk, which lasted less than 1 cycle, to 4:1 run:walk. I was able to keep this up until the first aid station, but when I tried to run after the walk break for what ever reason it just wasn't happening. 

Start of lap 2. 

I decided to walk a kilometer, to give myself a rest and then re-asses how I was going. This extended walk ended with a very slow jog into the next aid station, which again was followed with my legs refusal to run. So I went into another long walk break, about 6-7 minutes I think. At this stage I was negotiating with myself... 'you can run for 60 seconds can't you' Eventually I was able to get my legs moving again, for a short, slow, 60 sec jog. At this point I refused to let myself fall back into a long walk again, instead I began a 2min walk : 1 min run. Which was able to get me back to within 3km of the finish. As the finish got closer, I found more energy, and more motivation, gradually decreasing the walk breaks until by the last 2km I was back into a continuous jog. (my pace was down to 7min/km so not fast, but at least running again)

The final few hundred meters into the finish were very special, I actually started to become a bit emotional (which is a rare thing for me) as the fact that I was actually going to finish sunk in. I may be slow, and well behind most of my age group, but when I compare what I accomplished that day with the guy I was only a few years ago I think it is a fantastic achievement. Running up the finish chute, with the people cheering, family and friends watching on, a high 5 from my girlfriend as I went past, and another from Mike Reilly as I finished, is something that I'll never forget. 

What would you do differently?:

First up, I would have gone straight to a run/walk from the start. Probably 4:1. I'm sure I went out too fast, which was a factor in the wheels falling of. But mainly I would want to be mentally stronger, and not allow myself to stop running (other than scheduled walk breaks) The fact I was able to get back to running full time by the end of the race tells me that physically I was still able to run (slowly, but still running) I was just not tough enough to force myself to do it. 

And done. 

Post race

Warm down:


Some water, electrolytes and banana in recovery. 

What limited your ability to perform faster:

I think that overall I was just not as prepared as I thought I was for the distance. Other than falling apart on the run the day went as well as I had hoped. And honestly the biggest thing I need to do to fix the run, is train more. Much more. 


I am so glad I did this. Despite everything I finished, and that was the number one goal. And something I wasn't sure I could do. 

I will definitely be back at this distance. But not until I've improved/increased my training