Sunday, March 10, 2013

Peoples Tri Series, Maraetai

Pre-race routine:

Arrived at the race site nice and early to get a good car park/spot in transition. Got set up, and helped my friend competing in the duathlon do the same. Watched the duathlon start, then hung around until race time

Swim 500m, 8:21, 8/13 AG

Out about 150m straight off the beach, 90 degree turn into 200m across the the beach ans then 150m straight back into transition.

Started at the back of the pack to give the faster swimmers right of way. Was straight into the rhythm of things and felt quick the whole way. Swam a little off course on the first leg, as I tried to swim around slower swimmers in front of me. But for the remainder drafting was good.  

What would you do differently?:
Should have started closer to the front row. But very happy with my time. 


Good transition. Wetsuit half off before I arrived at the bike, everything went smoothly..

What would you do differently?:
Pretty happy with how things went..

Bike: 20km, 47:58, 13/13 AG

Along the coast for 4km, then head inland for 6km over rolling hills to the turn around point. 


This is where it went bad. Rode well for the first half of the course, but at the turn around discovered that the front tire was flat. This caused me to lose control of the bike and fall. I spent the next 8-9 minutes changing a tire (which took forever!) and recomposing myself, checking there was no serious damage to myself or the bike. Re-started the ride and was able to overtake many riders who passed me when I was stationary. But was understandably nervous about pushing too hard.  

What would you do differently?:
Not crash!


Was thinking about calling the race done at this point, so felt like I was moving quite slowly. But convinced myself to continue. 

What would you do differently?:
More urgency. 

Run: 5km, 24:54, 14/15 AG

2 laps of a 2.5km long out and back. Mostly on the flat but over 1 short hill about half way. Was a water station about 200m before the turn around

Run felt fantastic. No walk breaks, but never really pushed myself too hard. Kind of jogged it at a medium/hard effort. Was pleasantly surprised with my time, almost 3 minutes faster than last year.

What would you do differently?:
nothing, the run was my highlight today. 

Over all

1hour, 24 minutes and 50 seconds.

12/13 AG, 113/131 Male

Post Race:

Warm down:

What limited your ability to perform faster:
Crashing the bike. 

My swim was as good as I could hope for with my current level of fitness, and my run was better than I expected, a lot better. 

I was stationary for about 9 minutes on the ride, and would have lost even more due to the flat. So realistically my mechanical issues cost me 10 minutes today.

Event comments:
I'm pleased with myself taht I was able to finish after my fall. But disappointed with how the day went. I had high hopes of a good result, and if things had gone well I think I would have had one. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

February Training Log

A pretty relaxed month after the HIM. Had some good sessions but over all low volume. I'm looking back to getting stuck into some hard work in March.