Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to work

In January this year, I completed my first HIM. This has been a goal that I had been working towards for over 2 years. It was supposed to be the start of bigger and better things.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out as planned.

After the HIM, I continued to workout, but dropped the intensity and volume off a little bit… I had earned a break I thought…. 4 months after the HIM, I completed my 4th northern crossing. It was a new best time for me, but overall I was disappointed in how little I had improved from the previous year. So the plan was take a few easy weeks (the race coincided with a few trips away for work) and then get back into it.

Well that didn’t happen. In the 2-3 months since the northern crossing I’ve done very little… Always found an excuse not to… away for work, to cold, to rainy, I’m too tired… And my diet went from bad, to worse. The end result, a huge loss in fitness, and a huge gain in weight (10kg up from my northern crossing weight)

Well I’ve had enough! I’m not going back to the big, lazy guy I was. I need to get back into training, eating well and achieve new things.

So I am developing a plan to do a full ironman in early 2015 (either IMNZ in March, or challenge Wanaka in January) Between now and then there will be more 70.3’s, I am eyeing up 2 for this coming summer, (Taupo in December and Auckland in March) and other events which I have yet to decide on, to use as intermediate goals for the Ironman.

The overall goal of this is to get fit and healthy, and stay there.

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